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Benefits of FUE over the Older Methods

Those who wish to tackle their baldness can do so through follicular unit extraction. It has been engineered to provide better cosmetic results than what some of the older hair restoration methods ever could manage. The older selection of punch graft and strip incision transplants did not do such a good job of restoration. This one is more desired, as it also leaves less scars after it heals.

The hair needed for such a transplant comes from the region called the donor area. In the past, they would cut a huge strip from the back of your head. People thus ended up with unsightly scars on the backs of their heads. They would then be forced always to keep long haircuts to cover it. The scars also tended to stretch out and look bad.

FUE thus presents a better way to get your hair transplant needs sorted. This method will leave you with almost no scars. It is best for those who do not have a lot of donor hair to give. If you happen to have a tight scalp, this method will also work for you. The possibility of you having a short hairstyle is also available. The healing period is also shorter with this method.

There are things that need to happen when you wish to have this procedure done to you. The FUE transplant surgeon needs to first examine you to determine how suitable such a procedure shall be. The amount of donor hair you have, along with the density of the hair on the donor area is important to note. It is also important to note the extent of the baldness, and how much of it can be realistically covered. There are extents that a hair transplant can realistically cover before it starts to look bad.

Follicular Unit Extraction is the process by which tiny follicular hair units will be uprooted, transferred, then rooted in the bald areas directly into the scalp. These hairs are gotten at the donor area site, there being no need to cut any strips of skin from the area. The scars left shall be tiny ones, the size of pin pricks on your skin. You should not have much trouble with the area, as they do not need to be covered. This only leaves you with better looks.
There is now no need for you to resort to the older methods. More people are asking for it. One transplant surgery can have enough hairs moved to the needed areas. This means that you only need to come in once for this procedure. This then leaves you with a fast growing hair. The growth will also not take too long, and the issue of baldness shall have been solved.

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