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Collecting Numismatic Rare Coins – A Safe Investment Move

People nowadays are very keen on looking for good forms of investment. This is because investing has become a lucrative way to earn some income with your hard-earned money. One of the best forms of investment that people can now go into is collecting numismatic rare coins. This is because the numismatic value of these coins is predicted to increase over the years.

In the US, coin collecting, especially of numismatic rare coins, has presented a great opportunity for a number of people to get richer in a shorter span of time. Because of the outstanding value of these coins, they have found a feasible way to double if not triple their invested money. They have found the present times as an especially good time to start their rare coin collection because of the prices have been registered to be at a low for some five years now. The availability of these rare coins is also at high, making them easily available to those who want to purchase them.

Numismatic rare coins are old coins made of either gold or silver which are now getting to be quite in demand among investors. This is because they are very good in balancing stock portfolios, which results in the reduction of risks in the investment market as well as in the generation of a considerable profit. The recommendation of financial analysts to investors nowadays is to place their discretionary funds of at least 10 to 20 percent into rare coins and other precious metals, even if they already own stocks in gold mining.

At a closer look, numismatic rare coins are really very good in being assets to the financial situation of investors. Based on the market analysis on rare coins made of silver and gold done recently by Coin Universe, it is noted that a $1,000 investment on rare coins made during the 70’s would already bring in almost $58,000 to its investor nowadays. Unlike paper assets like treasury bills, bonds and stocks that lose value over time, rare coins always escalate in value, whether they are made of gold, silver or platinum. As such, if your investment portfolio includes rare coins, then its volatility will definitely be lessened. Furthermore, your investment will also be protected from the usual uncertainties that pertain to the economy like inflation.

There are things that needed to be remembered by investors though. They should see to it that they get numismatic rare coins that have been graded and certified by the two top grading firms operating independently, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and the Professional Coin Grading Service, especially if they can only be traded. These coins should also come with a complete guarantee that the money used in purchasing them would be returned if discrepancies were found in them. As such, some investors now use firms that are specializing in looking for and finding the right rare coin that will meet the budget as well the needs of the buyer.

Why Collect Silver and Gold Numismatic Coins?

Collecting is a very enjoyable hobby. Every once in a while collecting can be very profitable say in the case of a rare stamp collection, paintings, baseball cards. Collecting numismatic gold and silver coins is more than just a hobby!

Numismatics is defined as the study or collecting of coins, medals, and paper money. Numis network coins are gold and silver coins of the highest graded silver and gold numismatic coins available. Each coin is delivered inspected, graded, certified and encapsulated in a tamper-proof clear-plastic container for preservation.

As you probably know the Government is on a spending spree that is systematically destroying the value of the dollar. U.S. taxpayers are now on the hook for over $10 trillion dollars! And that number is growing daily!

I have trouble rapping my mind over $100,000! What is 10 Trillion Dollars? It is what the bible refers to as burdening the backs of the people with taxes. It is in essence bankrupting the financial future of generations to come. Generations of your children and my children.

By spending too much we are mortgaging the lives of our unborn children.

What is to Mortgage you many ask

ORIGIN late Middle English: from Old French, literally ‘dead pledge,’ from mort (from Latin mortuus ‘dead’ ) + gage ‘pledge.’

What’s the government’s answer: Print More Money and, the Fed’s printing presses are set on overdrive. And the more they print the less valuable the dollar becomes and we head into hyperinflation e.g., Zimbabwe where the prices of a loaf of bread is in the millions of their local currency!

The decline of paper currency that is not backed by the gold standard demands that you begin to protect yourself, especially as jobs become scarce with the rise of technology.

To guard against this economic upheaval it is advisable that you start collecting Gold and Silver. Gold and Silver is God’s money. God’s money is real money. Right now the notion and idea of collecting gold and silver has not reached the masses. So the time is ripe, the coins are very affordable and best of all you can safe-guard against burdening your future generations with taxes!

In fact numis gold and silver coins are a $10 Billion dollar industry just within the U.S. and a $100 Billion dollar industry worldwide. Cash In, You Deserve It!