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The Best Investment Strategy for 2011 – How to Generate Wealth in an Economic Downturn

If you are like me, you see the writing on the wall and it is not pretty. But the opportunity to create wealth beyond our wildest dreams is greater than ever before. With knowledge & action anyone & I do mean anyone can implement this strategy and create more wealth in the next 36 months than ever before in history.

Gaining knowledge is one thing but putting it into action is the key & strategists predict that 95% of our population is not and will not be prepared for the greatest wealth transfer in history, that is happening right now. So if we really only have 6-36 months before everything hits and the next hyperinflationary depression is fully upon us, what should we be doing now to be prepared?

As a Mother, all of this talk about the down economy, unemployment rates, home foreclosures, our dying dollar and more have had me nervous, worried & anxious. So I decided to focus that energy & find out how to be pro-active & prepare for the future. After all there is no such thing as failure, just failure to plan.

After lots of reading, researching, rethinking & resolve I chose to right this article because I want to help 95% of us to be prepared rather than ignorant. I must say that I am only a concerned and passionate Mother who cares about the future. I am NOT a financial adviser, I am simply sharing what I have done and what it has done for my family over the last 4 mo. I am not qualified in any way to provide you, or anyone else with advice about money or investing.

So here’s 1 of the 5 awesome strategies I’ve learned in the last 4 months and am currently implementing. But before I go on…if you are reading this but don’t have millions or even thousands of dollars to invest in anything, it’s ok. Just do a little as often as you can NOW because the gains will be a lot in the near future.

1. Buy Gold & Silver – I chose this strategy to share because it is the easiest, quickest and most beneficial investment one can make right now. And I do mean NOW! It does not take lots of money, you can buy one coin at a time or 1,000’s it’s completely up to you.

I have a friend who has been privy to this for years and in 2008 he bought $100,000 dollars worth of Silver American Eagle coins at $9 each. Today, Jan. 21, 2011 those coins are worth $27.51 (live spot price)! Which means that in less than 3 years his ROI was over 300% and gaining. Not bad considering I lost 35% on my investments value over the last 3 years (as did 80% of the rest of us).

2. How To Buy Gold & Silver – There are three places to consider when buying gold and silver. First of all, I read the book “Guide to investing in Gold & Silver” which says never buy into ETF’s. Not going to get into this here, just read the book.

There are 3 companies to buy Gold and Silver from:, or

All 3 are online companies that guarantee service and offer the best rates. Goldmoney lets you store your gold in their vault for future possession which is great if I ever want to leave the country and have moneys transferred internationally. (don’t see me doing this but is an excellent & much safer option to storing it all myself)

When you buy metal from, you get the cheapest prices possible, because the metal is straight from the refinery, without the premiums added on by dealers. You can also buy from a local dealer. Which coins you purchase depends upon the amount of transaction privacy you want when it comes to the US government and IRS. Here’s an excerpt from Maloney’s book that explains the details… When you PURCHASE metals from a dealer, there are NO reporting requirements on your part, or theirs.

You can buy as much gold or silver as you want, and neither you, nor the dealer is required to report the purchase. Now the dealer must report the CASH transaction if it’s $10,000 or greater to the IRS, but not the precious metals. Most gold and silver dealers including Tulving, GoldMoney, and GoldSilver do not accept cash. They use bank wires for transactions.

When it comes to SELLING your metal the IRS requires the dealer who buys your metal to submit a 1099B report of the transaction IF you sell…

  • 25 or more 1-ounce Canadian Gold Maples, Krugerrands, or Mexican Onzas.
  • 1 or more gold bar kilos (32.15 ounces each).
  • 1 or more 100-ounce gold bars.
  • Any silver bar totaling 1,000 ounces of more
  • Any combination of 90 percent silver coins totaling $1,000 of face value or more

Dealer reporting requirements DO NOT apply to American Gold or Silver Eagles in ANY quantity, nor to any other metal types not listed above.

Where reporting DOES come into play, is when you sell your metals and experience capital gains.

Just as with stocks, bonds, or other investments, you are obligated to report your capital gains to the IRS when it comes to precious metals. If you make a capital gain, the IRS wants to know about it.

So keep all of your receipts, and records when you buy and sell your metal, and get proper tax advice from your CPA.

3. What to buy – well I kind of gave it away all ready. Non-numismatic coins are easy to buy, easy to store & easy to sell. Gold & Silver American Eagles – 90% Silver & 10% Gold.

With 90% of silver being consumed in the making of electronics, there is great need and little is left. I am new to all this but Silver American Eagles are what I am buying, as did my friend in 2008. I wish I would have had eyes to see then but will not let that hold me back and neither should you.

The people I have learned this strategy from predict that silver could go up to $900+ per ounce. I now look at every latte, dinner out, pair of shoes very differently! I calculate how many coins I could buy & choose to make a fortune instead of spend it. So do what I said in the beginning of this article and buy one coin at a time, as you can afford to forgo the Starbucks a couple times a week & buy a Silver American Eagle instead.

For $30 (buy your first silver coin) you can implement this investment strategy & start your path to gigantic wealth. It is not so much about the money as it is about the freedom and ability to help others. If you want to know more about how to buy and sell gold & silver or the additional strategies I’ve learned you can click here. I opted in to watch this video about 2 mo. ago (because I was researching all this stuff & had read “Guide to investing in gold & silver”) & the education I got from it was astounding. I have since become a member and have learned more than I ever could by buying, reading and researching on my own. Just the strategy I shared above has gained me 10% in just 2 mo.

I hope this info was helpful & I wish you and your family the best future ever.