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Getting Customers Begins With Lead Generation

You’ve got to hand it to whoever coined the expression “the customer is always right.” That person certainly knew which side of the bread was buttered. Customers are the single most important aspect to the success of any business venture. That’s why, when you start an online business, getting customers and keeping them happy should occupy more of your time than any other activity.

One of the miracles of the Internet is modern technology. There are sophisticated tools that allow us to identify potential customers and get them to come to our web sites. Now we can combine these Internet marketing tools with tried and true models that have worked in the past. We can put them together to make powerful systems that get us customers for very little, and in many cases, no money at all.

Let’s start by looking at a mindset for getting customers that comes from the direct marketing world. It is something that has served marketers for decades. It is something that you can use to great advantage in your information marketing business.

Most businesses try to sell their products in one shot. For example, let’s suppose I’m selling an information product-a set of twelve instructional DVDs. I want someone to come to my web site, see the picture and benefits of my DVDs, enter in their credit card information, pay me $249.98, get the DVDs shipped to them, and then never bother me again.

Now that’s certainly a great mindset if you live in Utopia, but the problem is that’s not the way information marketing works in the real world. Most people that come to a web site are not already educated about what’s being sold. They don’t know exactly what they want. They certainly don’t know how much value your product offers. In short, they are not ready to enter their credit card and plop down 250 bucks.

On the other hand, when visitors come to your web site, they are usually in the beginning stages of shopping around. They are researching. They are looking at their options. They are trying to understand their problem and looking for information products to help them out.

What you want to say to these visitors is something like “I’ll tell you what. If you enter your name and e-mail address on this web site, I’ll give you a bunch of really great stuff for free. And then you can make a decision.”

Plenty of people are watching a video right now, downloaded from one of my web sites, because I asked them to do just that: “Here. Watch a free video and make a decision later.” I promised I would teach them a bunch of great stuff for free, if they opted into my list. Hey, maybe you are one of them!

Anyway, that’s how it works. It’s called a lead generation model. People who choose to opt-in to our list can get lots of great free stuff.

The lead generation model is a multi-step information marketing process. You don’t come up and tell visitors, “Hey! Give me a bunch of money!” Instead, you show up and say, “Let me give you a bunch of stuff for free-stuff that’s really going to help you out.”

So there you have the mindset: lead generation. You are going to generate some leads and create a list of very interested prospects. Then, you’re going to offer more and more value and education, plus some more stair-stepping. Eventually, when you offer your actual information product, your prospect will be able to make a really good decision, based upon the groundwork you’ve already established, building trust in a relationship.

Can You Make Money With Coins? A Numis Network Review

Many people are still saying, “What is Numis?” Numis Network is still a fairly new MLM company that deals in collectible coins. There are some who are attempting to slam the company for being an investment scam. In fact, they are right up front about the fact that they deal in collectibles, not investments. So it is definitely not a coin investment scam. This Numis Network review is designed to be objective. I am not a part of the company, so you don’t have to wonder if I am pitching my own MLM opportunity. Good for you for checking out the Numis Network business before jumping into it.

Here are some of the details: The thought process behind the Numis Network opportunity is that gold and silver – investment or collectible – will appreciate in an economic downturn such as we are experiencing now. The founders have a great deal of successful experience in Network Marketing. Ian Cordell, Jake Kevorkian, and Christopher Kent started the company. One additional bit of credibility they have is the relationship with a well known numismatist, Mike Mezack. Mr. Mezack is often seen on one of the home shopping TV networks where he sells collectible coins and offers tips and advice on collecting.

Coin collecting is a very popular hobby, and this is the basic idea behind the company. The point of collecting is to build an appreciating asset base. This is one of the ways to make money with the company. The other way, of course is through the Network Marketing business model. You find other customers and distributors for the Numis Network business and product. This is where most of the money will be made; from the leverage created by building a network and developing a residual income.

What does it cost to get involved? The least expensive level will cost $75 up front and $10 per month after that. You will have to have sales of at least $100 per month in order to be eligible for commissions. Most people come in at the $299 Fast Track level which also requires a $99 monthly purchase. For your $299 you get a Beginner Pack (for storage and display of your coins), training videos, a complete back office, email marketing campaign, and your first collectible coin, a Silver Eagle. These costs are not out of line with other MLM companies, and the compensation plan is binary. There are several variations in MLM comp plans, so it would be a good idea to become familiar with the comp plan before you join. This is true for any MLM company.

There are two or three competitors out there, but they don’t seem to have the marketing buzz that the Numis Network business currently has. At least one of these competitors deals in investment silver rather than collectibles. For that reason it may not be an apples to apples comparison. And there is no guarantee that Numis will keep its positive buzz. Remember that if you are looking for residual income from an MLM, you are looking long term.

The good news is there are several MLM guru’s making very good money with this company right now. Remember this Numis Network review is designed to tell you what the company has and what it doesn’t have. There is a drawback. Like most MLM’s they do not teach you how to brand yourself. Your MLM company is not who or what your business is. It is a valuable tool in your business, but it isn’t the only one. You will only be successful by selling product, recruiting new reps, and building an effective team. The best way to do this is by branding yourself, learning to generate your own leads online and offline, and making money even when people do not join your business. A top Attraction Marketing System will show you how to do this. Master these skills and be successful.