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The Benefits of Coin Collecting Software

If your coin collection is of any size or value then you should consider investing in a coin collecting software program. These programs will make your life much easier and automate many of the tasks that you previously did by hand. Gone are the days of paper, pencil, and ledgers recording all of the aspects of our coin collections. Now, with just a click of a mouse we can access not only the specifics of our coins but the history of the series as well.

The effort needed to manage our collections increases as the size of our coin collection grows. Often we find ourselves struggling just to keep up with all of the administrative tasks of maintaining our collections, and spend less and less time enjoying them. Coin collecting software assists with tracking, recording, cataloging, and generally organizing your collection, and the programs contain many, many additional features to make our lives easier.

There are numerous benefits to using a software program. We decide to focus on a few of these to provide an overview of the possibilities:

Research: These programs are essentially databases that contain huge amounts of information. It is possible, for example, to have comprehensive listings by date and mint mark of all coinage minted by the United States Mint including all US circulating coinage, pre-1954 and modern commemoratives, bullion coins, and sets right at your fingertips. I don’t know about you, but for me having this information a mouse click away is an incredible research resource, and there is a great deal more information available.

Prices: Imagine having the price of any coin available right on your computer. Not only do coin collecting software programs provide you with these values, but some programs will automatically update these for you, online, automatically. That amounts to real time pricing, 24/7 for the comfort of your home. Having this information will allow you to make better purchasing and selling decisions, and help increase the long-term value of your collection.

Misc: There are a ton of other features available like being able to create and print reports, you can generate reports about your specific coins or prepare a report to take with you to the next coin show. Upload a picture of your coins into the database, and add all of the pertinent information for the coins. You can track your sales and purchase information, and much, much more.

Time: Perhaps the greatest benefit is gaining more time. The administrative and research tasks involved in coin collecting can take up a significant amount of time. Some of these activities are enjoyable and add value to our collections, but many are tedious and time consuming. Coin collecting software can assist us with these tasks, allowing us to focus on the areas that we enjoy more. The cost of the software is a small price to pay to get more time to pursue areas that we enjoy.

There are many programs available for sale in the market. Spend some time determining your needs and researching available products. Hobby Forums or Blogs are a good source for information.

We are all looking for extra time in our busy lives, and can probably all use a little help to get more organized. If this sounds like you then maybe coin collecting software is the answer. It will provide you with research information at your fingertips, supply real time coin prices, and a host of other benefits. Perhaps it will also organize and simplify your life and give you just a little more time in the day.

Cold, Hard Cash for Coins of Treasure: The Thrill Is Still in the Chase

The lure of striking it rich fuels humankind’s perpetual quest for troves of silver, jewels, and bullion in hopes of eventually getting some cold, hard cash for coins of valuable treasure.

While the notion of a treasure hunt often evokes an undeniable sense of history and lore, it is still a real passion, sometimes taking place in our own backyards. Humans have proven they will search for wealth just about anywhere. Even today, there are active hunts taking place around the world. Some of these missions have been passed down from generation to generation-going to unfathomable ocean depths, scaling the world’s highest mountains-but most have revealed absolutely nothing for all the effort.

Booty on the Beach-the 1715 Treasure Fleet Reveals Itself

Of the high-profile salvage operations taking place in the U.S. today, the bounty of the 1715 Treasure Fleet is one of the few that has produced any considerable amount of loot, sometimes with little effort for lucky Florida beachgoers. Reports of beach wanderers stumbling upon gold chalices and coins as they wash up on Treasure Coast beaches have given the coast its well-deserved name. Countless locals and tourists alike have turned into hopeful treasure hunters with the singular goal of striking it rich, taking their loot to the local pawn shop, and finally getting some cash for coins out of Treasure Coast booty.

Salvage on this wreck began in the 1950’s when avid beachgoer Kip Wagner found a piece of eight on the beach after a hurricane. Mr. Wagner decided to build a surfboard with a glass viewing port to locate the source of the booty, thus beginning the modern day salvage of the 1715 Fleet and changing the history of salvage forever. To this day, salvage operations continue and avid prize hunters, armed with metal detectors and sun hats, patiently and aimlessly wander the beaches of the Treasure Coast in hopes of stumbling upon some valuable fortune.

Rocky Mountain Riddle-Forrest Fenn’s Loot-Inspired Lore

Forrest Fenn is an eccentric art dealer from New Mexico who was diagnosed with cancer in 1988 and given a poor prognosis for survival. The unfortunate turn of events inspired him to compile a golden chest full of jewels, artifacts, and coins worth about $1-3 million, which he hid somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Mr. Fenn’s fortune has inspired a devoted following in part because he has disseminated maps and clues throughout the years, keeping many of his devotees on the hook with the idea that discovery is just out of reach, and vast troves of riches are right under their noses.

Because of the media attention to this particular quest, there are many rumors that have evolved almost to the point of folklore surrounding Fenn’s now-mythical prize stash. One of the more widely circulated theories is that he never actually hid any cache at all. In facing his own mortality, perhaps his goal was simply to inspire those mired in the ultimate goal of fortune hunting to enjoy the trip itself; to implore upon his following that the actual wealth was in the journey, not in the financial discovery. Nevertheless, those in search of Fenn’s loot have organized countless blogs, support groups, and expeditions through the Rockies in hopes of one day uncovering the famed prize chest and finally getting some modern day cash for coins of ancient history.