Copywriting Tips – 3 Critical Selling Mistakes, Which One of Them Are You Making Right Now?

Most businesses are either started out of frustration, out of hope, or on a wing and a prayer.

Unfortunately, however… “hoping” and “praying” aren’t good business strategies, and that’s why something like 92% of all businesses don’t exist five years after they’re started.

And of the 8% who do survive, probably 90% of these subsist on a week-to-week life support basis only.

The truth is, if you can’t sell, you can’t build a business… and you can’t make any substantial coin, either.

And while I cannot teach you how to sell inside one e-mail, I can give you 3 reasons why most people can’t seem to sell very effectively. And here they are:

1. Trying to be all things to all people. For example, you probably have an acquaintance from your kid’s school or a neighbor in the community who sort of “means well,” but absolutely drives you nuts, because he or she is so preoccupied with making sure everyone likes them, right?

This person probably annoys the daylights out of you because in trying to make sure they never aggravate anyone, they also never truly attract anyone either, because they’re not being “real.”

Well, in effect, this is the same thing that happens when you try and be all things to all people in your marketing. You won’t alienate any buyers — but you won’t attract any, either.

See, you simply must have a reason to exist in your marketing, or else it won’t be effective. If you sell hats to everyone, you’re a lot less appealing than if you specifically sell urban baseball caps to teenagers. No one needs another hat salesman.

Make sense?

2. Not making an offer. If you look at ads all across the board, in any kind of media or industry, this is, by far, the biggest weakness in them.

I’m looking at a print ad right here in front of me, for t-shirts. It has a photo of one of their t-shirts on it, and the name of their website.

And that’s it.

Not very compelling, is it? Versus…

“Order in the next ten days and take advantage of our limited buy one one get one free, with your first order, ” or something like that. This is a LOT more compelling than…

Nothing. Which is what the ad offers right now.

Remember, you’re not showing your kids the photo album of your wedding here. When it comes to ad space, you’re either trying to sell something or generate a lead, and nothing else.

3. I can easily say poor headline here, but let’s skip this one for another day. And instead, let’s talk about the fact that there’s “no compelling reason to act now.”

That’s because your biggest enemy when it comes to sales, isn’t pricing… it isn’t value… and it isn’t poor copy. It’s lethargy. Most people need pretty much need a rocket ship shoved up their you know what, to get them to do anything.

Which means unless you’re giving your prospects a reason to take action right NOW, you’re not giving them a reason to take action at all.

Basically, it goes back to the old rule of human behavior that says, if something’s not important to you, then it’s certainly not going to be important to someone you’re talking to, either.

Meaning… you can only get as much as you put out. It all starts at the top.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber