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The Benefits of Coin Collecting Software

If your coin collection is of any size or value then you should consider investing in a coin collecting software program. These programs will make your life much easier and automate many of the tasks that you previously did by hand. Gone are the days of paper, pencil, and ledgers recording all of the aspects of our coin collections. Now, with just a click of a mouse we can access not only the specifics of our coins but the history of the series as well.

The effort needed to manage our collections increases as the size of our coin collection grows. Often we find ourselves struggling just to keep up with all of the administrative tasks of maintaining our collections, and spend less and less time enjoying them. Coin collecting software assists with tracking, recording, cataloging, and generally organizing your collection, and the programs contain many, many additional features to make our lives easier.

There are numerous benefits to using a software program. We decide to focus on a few of these to provide an overview of the possibilities:

Research: These programs are essentially databases that contain huge amounts of information. It is possible, for example, to have comprehensive listings by date and mint mark of all coinage minted by the United States Mint including all US circulating coinage, pre-1954 and modern commemoratives, bullion coins, and sets right at your fingertips. I don’t know about you, but for me having this information a mouse click away is an incredible research resource, and there is a great deal more information available.

Prices: Imagine having the price of any coin available right on your computer. Not only do coin collecting software programs provide you with these values, but some programs will automatically update these for you, online, automatically. That amounts to real time pricing, 24/7 for the comfort of your home. Having this information will allow you to make better purchasing and selling decisions, and help increase the long-term value of your collection.

Misc: There are a ton of other features available like being able to create and print reports, you can generate reports about your specific coins or prepare a report to take with you to the next coin show. Upload a picture of your coins into the database, and add all of the pertinent information for the coins. You can track your sales and purchase information, and much, much more.

Time: Perhaps the greatest benefit is gaining more time. The administrative and research tasks involved in coin collecting can take up a significant amount of time. Some of these activities are enjoyable and add value to our collections, but many are tedious and time consuming. Coin collecting software can assist us with these tasks, allowing us to focus on the areas that we enjoy more. The cost of the software is a small price to pay to get more time to pursue areas that we enjoy.

There are many programs available for sale in the market. Spend some time determining your needs and researching available products. Hobby Forums or Blogs are a good source for information.

We are all looking for extra time in our busy lives, and can probably all use a little help to get more organized. If this sounds like you then maybe coin collecting software is the answer. It will provide you with research information at your fingertips, supply real time coin prices, and a host of other benefits. Perhaps it will also organize and simplify your life and give you just a little more time in the day.

Cold, Hard Cash for Coins of Treasure: The Thrill Is Still in the Chase

The lure of striking it rich fuels humankind’s perpetual quest for troves of silver, jewels, and bullion in hopes of eventually getting some cold, hard cash for coins of valuable treasure.

While the notion of a treasure hunt often evokes an undeniable sense of history and lore, it is still a real passion, sometimes taking place in our own backyards. Humans have proven they will search for wealth just about anywhere. Even today, there are active hunts taking place around the world. Some of these missions have been passed down from generation to generation-going to unfathomable ocean depths, scaling the world’s highest mountains-but most have revealed absolutely nothing for all the effort.

Booty on the Beach-the 1715 Treasure Fleet Reveals Itself

Of the high-profile salvage operations taking place in the U.S. today, the bounty of the 1715 Treasure Fleet is one of the few that has produced any considerable amount of loot, sometimes with little effort for lucky Florida beachgoers. Reports of beach wanderers stumbling upon gold chalices and coins as they wash up on Treasure Coast beaches have given the coast its well-deserved name. Countless locals and tourists alike have turned into hopeful treasure hunters with the singular goal of striking it rich, taking their loot to the local pawn shop, and finally getting some cash for coins out of Treasure Coast booty.

Salvage on this wreck began in the 1950’s when avid beachgoer Kip Wagner found a piece of eight on the beach after a hurricane. Mr. Wagner decided to build a surfboard with a glass viewing port to locate the source of the booty, thus beginning the modern day salvage of the 1715 Fleet and changing the history of salvage forever. To this day, salvage operations continue and avid prize hunters, armed with metal detectors and sun hats, patiently and aimlessly wander the beaches of the Treasure Coast in hopes of stumbling upon some valuable fortune.

Rocky Mountain Riddle-Forrest Fenn’s Loot-Inspired Lore

Forrest Fenn is an eccentric art dealer from New Mexico who was diagnosed with cancer in 1988 and given a poor prognosis for survival. The unfortunate turn of events inspired him to compile a golden chest full of jewels, artifacts, and coins worth about $1-3 million, which he hid somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Mr. Fenn’s fortune has inspired a devoted following in part because he has disseminated maps and clues throughout the years, keeping many of his devotees on the hook with the idea that discovery is just out of reach, and vast troves of riches are right under their noses.

Because of the media attention to this particular quest, there are many rumors that have evolved almost to the point of folklore surrounding Fenn’s now-mythical prize stash. One of the more widely circulated theories is that he never actually hid any cache at all. In facing his own mortality, perhaps his goal was simply to inspire those mired in the ultimate goal of fortune hunting to enjoy the trip itself; to implore upon his following that the actual wealth was in the journey, not in the financial discovery. Nevertheless, those in search of Fenn’s loot have organized countless blogs, support groups, and expeditions through the Rockies in hopes of one day uncovering the famed prize chest and finally getting some modern day cash for coins of ancient history.

Generational Issues Challenge Family Caregiving

Every generation uses the phrase “kids today” with a tone of disappointment. After all, the generation in which we were born is always the greatest. It is those that come after us that may be the problem. In discussing subjects related to caregiving, it is helpful to learn about different aspects of each generation and how these affect values, experiences, lifestyles and attitudes.

Each generation has a descriptive coined phrase. Baby Boomers, now aged 44-62, were born after World War II by parents, called the Veterans who were influenced by the Great Depression. The Baby Boomers, born in what is often referred to as the Age of Aquarius were part of the spiritual awakening; they bore generation X, those now age 30-43. Generation X, encouraged to find meaningful employment, has children age 8-29 who are called Generation Y or the Millennials. This youngest group is connected at the hip to technology; most are users of Twitter, Facebook, email, text messaging and blogging as their methods of communication. The skill of interpersonal communication and written letters is a lost art when one can simply text.

These generational differences affect workplace and societal values. The Veterans, surviving the Great Depression and World War II, have a sense of seniority, respect for elders and people of authority. They save and do not waste resources. The Baby Boomers, influenced by consumerism and prosperity with both husband and wife working, share responsibilities and are motivated by money. Generation X was encouraged to find careers they love after watching their parents lose employment, employer loyalty disappear, working hours increase and success measured by productivity. The youngest generation while having high energy levels, are easily bored, globally oriented and demand fast results due to advances in technology. For both Generation X and Y, time off to experience life versus time worked remains important.

With such significant differences, how do we balance interpersonal discussions about caregiving needs and plan for a future when we will need care?

One generational challenge is varying life focus; family and loyalty versus money and self centeredness. Finding common ground to discuss aging and what each one of us wants the aging process to look like spiritually, financially, emotionally and physically will help generational differences narrow and promote commonality.

As we age and life events occur, many of us participate in rationalization. By this we offer an explanation to justify an action or event which may be based on an excuse and not rational thought. For example, your parent may not want to go to a senior center because the building is filled with old people. While they are old themselves, saying this allows them to avoid the reality that they are similar in any way to the old people attending the senior center. This defense mechanism allows us to make irrational choices and justify them to ourselves.

It is important to be honest with ourselves about our reasons for doing or not doing something, especially if we are avoiding a situation. When considering each decision we make and how it affects those around us we can create an environment that works together, so that in the event that we need help we can rely on those around us to support us in making practical, rational plans.

Advances in medicine in the past century have been significant transitioning from home remedies like grandma’s chicken soup to soothe a cold to modern vaccines. These generational issues present conflict when discussing what to do with a life changing health event. There is value in home remedies and traditions versus what might be seen as white coat medicine. How can we combine both today that results in a holistic plan to benefit the human body?

Fifty years ago many companies offered pensions and retirement plans to loyal workers. Today individuals hop from job to job with little sense of loyalty and a live for today attitude which means that money is not saved for the future. How can we realistically talk about tomorrow with regard to planning for aging and the need for care when the focus is on today? We need a balance of the past generation’s frugality combined with today’s knowledge of estate and retirement planning, health care and aging so that we can assist our parents; ourselves and our children to ensure we have the resources needed in later years.

We live in a society of processed foods. How many of us eat or make home cooked dinners? How many families sit down to share a meal? Fast food restaurants, take and bake food and processed foods are today’s trends yet not a healthy trend. Unhealthy lifestyles, diets and lack of exercise lead to diagnosis of multiple health conditions in mid-life. We know much more as a society today about healthy foods and diets than prior generations. By making changes and choices now we can change the future of our health.

Working parents and latch key children, we’re constantly busy and never at home. What once was a refuge and the center of family has become a landing base from which to go here and there. The pressure on children to participate in teams and clubs to advance their possibilities of acceptance into the right college and for working individuals to build business and social networks has resulted in a frenzied pace. When will we realize that it’s simply too much? Being constantly busy voids time for reflection and planning so that many of us arrive at advanced ages with no plans and in crises situations not knowing where to turn.

The Unites States is young compared to countries in Europe that have existed for centuries. We have experienced technological advances that many third world countries cannot even imagine. We also have a culture in love with youth and with extending youth. Men who fought World War II would never think of having eyebrows waxed or Botox treatments yet among the 20 and 30 something generations holding onto youth at all costs by having treatments have become common place. Older individuals able to walk without support discriminate against others of similar age who use walkers or wheelchairs. We hve become a society avoiding the eventuality of aging at all costs. But who will care for us when we are older? We all have a 100% probability of death.

Generational issues affect individuals and families today in all aspects of daily life. This has been happening for years. However with the aging of the Baby Boomers societal issues of dealing with aging populations and health care issues will no longer be avoidable. We will no longer be able to ignore the fact that we will all age and die. Now is the time for families to come together to discuss aging and health care with all generations; children, parents and grandparents.

Article Writing Is Just Like Collecting Coins – Getting the Right One Can Be Very Valuable

Do you love to collect coins. Many people do and this hobby is growing all the time. There are lot’s of new people who are collecting coins for the first time. This type of hobby is usually passed down from generation to generation. Maybe that’s how you got started. Usually the grandfather starts collecting and then he teaches his son how to collect and then he teaches his son how to collect coins.

If you have ever bought and sold coins and showed a pretty good profit, then you should write about it. Teaching other people how to make money is the greatest niche market that you can find. You should always give valuable tips in your articles. After all you want your readers to follow you all the time so you can drive plenty of traffic to your blog.

For example you can use tips like the ones I’m showing you down below as follows:
1. Where is the best place to buy coins on the Internet?
2. Where is the best place to sell the coins on the Internet?
3. What should you look for when buying coins?
4. What type of coins sell the best?

These types of tips will always bring in more readers. You must keep in mind there are lot’s of old coin collectors that will read your blog as well. Like myself, this is my guilt passion in life too. I have been collecting for over 40 years. As you can well imagine I have quite a collection. I have mostly silver dollars minted by the United States and I also have some Canadian coins and some other World coins. Not to mention a few Gold coins as well.

So what I suggest to you is to start blogging right now. Don’t worry about paid advertising. That’s where these articles come in handy. They will drive free traffic to your site.Then when you have built up your readership enough you can make money with Google AdSense as well. You can also set-up your own website to sell coins and sell coin books such as price guides to make even more money.

Here is name of a blog that you can start using right now as follows:

If you want more information on this article or if have a question or a comment then you can contact me down below.

Getting Customers Begins With Lead Generation

You’ve got to hand it to whoever coined the expression “the customer is always right.” That person certainly knew which side of the bread was buttered. Customers are the single most important aspect to the success of any business venture. That’s why, when you start an online business, getting customers and keeping them happy should occupy more of your time than any other activity.

One of the miracles of the Internet is modern technology. There are sophisticated tools that allow us to identify potential customers and get them to come to our web sites. Now we can combine these Internet marketing tools with tried and true models that have worked in the past. We can put them together to make powerful systems that get us customers for very little, and in many cases, no money at all.

Let’s start by looking at a mindset for getting customers that comes from the direct marketing world. It is something that has served marketers for decades. It is something that you can use to great advantage in your information marketing business.

Most businesses try to sell their products in one shot. For example, let’s suppose I’m selling an information product-a set of twelve instructional DVDs. I want someone to come to my web site, see the picture and benefits of my DVDs, enter in their credit card information, pay me $249.98, get the DVDs shipped to them, and then never bother me again.

Now that’s certainly a great mindset if you live in Utopia, but the problem is that’s not the way information marketing works in the real world. Most people that come to a web site are not already educated about what’s being sold. They don’t know exactly what they want. They certainly don’t know how much value your product offers. In short, they are not ready to enter their credit card and plop down 250 bucks.

On the other hand, when visitors come to your web site, they are usually in the beginning stages of shopping around. They are researching. They are looking at their options. They are trying to understand their problem and looking for information products to help them out.

What you want to say to these visitors is something like “I’ll tell you what. If you enter your name and e-mail address on this web site, I’ll give you a bunch of really great stuff for free. And then you can make a decision.”

Plenty of people are watching a video right now, downloaded from one of my web sites, because I asked them to do just that: “Here. Watch a free video and make a decision later.” I promised I would teach them a bunch of great stuff for free, if they opted into my list. Hey, maybe you are one of them!

Anyway, that’s how it works. It’s called a lead generation model. People who choose to opt-in to our list can get lots of great free stuff.

The lead generation model is a multi-step information marketing process. You don’t come up and tell visitors, “Hey! Give me a bunch of money!” Instead, you show up and say, “Let me give you a bunch of stuff for free-stuff that’s really going to help you out.”

So there you have the mindset: lead generation. You are going to generate some leads and create a list of very interested prospects. Then, you’re going to offer more and more value and education, plus some more stair-stepping. Eventually, when you offer your actual information product, your prospect will be able to make a really good decision, based upon the groundwork you’ve already established, building trust in a relationship.

Can You Make Money With Coins? A Numis Network Review

Many people are still saying, “What is Numis?” Numis Network is still a fairly new MLM company that deals in collectible coins. There are some who are attempting to slam the company for being an investment scam. In fact, they are right up front about the fact that they deal in collectibles, not investments. So it is definitely not a coin investment scam. This Numis Network review is designed to be objective. I am not a part of the company, so you don’t have to wonder if I am pitching my own MLM opportunity. Good for you for checking out the Numis Network business before jumping into it.

Here are some of the details: The thought process behind the Numis Network opportunity is that gold and silver – investment or collectible – will appreciate in an economic downturn such as we are experiencing now. The founders have a great deal of successful experience in Network Marketing. Ian Cordell, Jake Kevorkian, and Christopher Kent started the company. One additional bit of credibility they have is the relationship with a well known numismatist, Mike Mezack. Mr. Mezack is often seen on one of the home shopping TV networks where he sells collectible coins and offers tips and advice on collecting.

Coin collecting is a very popular hobby, and this is the basic idea behind the company. The point of collecting is to build an appreciating asset base. This is one of the ways to make money with the company. The other way, of course is through the Network Marketing business model. You find other customers and distributors for the Numis Network business and product. This is where most of the money will be made; from the leverage created by building a network and developing a residual income.

What does it cost to get involved? The least expensive level will cost $75 up front and $10 per month after that. You will have to have sales of at least $100 per month in order to be eligible for commissions. Most people come in at the $299 Fast Track level which also requires a $99 monthly purchase. For your $299 you get a Beginner Pack (for storage and display of your coins), training videos, a complete back office, email marketing campaign, and your first collectible coin, a Silver Eagle. These costs are not out of line with other MLM companies, and the compensation plan is binary. There are several variations in MLM comp plans, so it would be a good idea to become familiar with the comp plan before you join. This is true for any MLM company.

There are two or three competitors out there, but they don’t seem to have the marketing buzz that the Numis Network business currently has. At least one of these competitors deals in investment silver rather than collectibles. For that reason it may not be an apples to apples comparison. And there is no guarantee that Numis will keep its positive buzz. Remember that if you are looking for residual income from an MLM, you are looking long term.

The good news is there are several MLM guru’s making very good money with this company right now. Remember this Numis Network review is designed to tell you what the company has and what it doesn’t have. There is a drawback. Like most MLM’s they do not teach you how to brand yourself. Your MLM company is not who or what your business is. It is a valuable tool in your business, but it isn’t the only one. You will only be successful by selling product, recruiting new reps, and building an effective team. The best way to do this is by branding yourself, learning to generate your own leads online and offline, and making money even when people do not join your business. A top Attraction Marketing System will show you how to do this. Master these skills and be successful.

The Best Investment Strategy for 2011 – How to Generate Wealth in an Economic Downturn

If you are like me, you see the writing on the wall and it is not pretty. But the opportunity to create wealth beyond our wildest dreams is greater than ever before. With knowledge & action anyone & I do mean anyone can implement this strategy and create more wealth in the next 36 months than ever before in history.

Gaining knowledge is one thing but putting it into action is the key & strategists predict that 95% of our population is not and will not be prepared for the greatest wealth transfer in history, that is happening right now. So if we really only have 6-36 months before everything hits and the next hyperinflationary depression is fully upon us, what should we be doing now to be prepared?

As a Mother, all of this talk about the down economy, unemployment rates, home foreclosures, our dying dollar and more have had me nervous, worried & anxious. So I decided to focus that energy & find out how to be pro-active & prepare for the future. After all there is no such thing as failure, just failure to plan.

After lots of reading, researching, rethinking & resolve I chose to right this article because I want to help 95% of us to be prepared rather than ignorant. I must say that I am only a concerned and passionate Mother who cares about the future. I am NOT a financial adviser, I am simply sharing what I have done and what it has done for my family over the last 4 mo. I am not qualified in any way to provide you, or anyone else with advice about money or investing.

So here’s 1 of the 5 awesome strategies I’ve learned in the last 4 months and am currently implementing. But before I go on…if you are reading this but don’t have millions or even thousands of dollars to invest in anything, it’s ok. Just do a little as often as you can NOW because the gains will be a lot in the near future.

1. Buy Gold & Silver – I chose this strategy to share because it is the easiest, quickest and most beneficial investment one can make right now. And I do mean NOW! It does not take lots of money, you can buy one coin at a time or 1,000’s it’s completely up to you.

I have a friend who has been privy to this for years and in 2008 he bought $100,000 dollars worth of Silver American Eagle coins at $9 each. Today, Jan. 21, 2011 those coins are worth $27.51 (live spot price)! Which means that in less than 3 years his ROI was over 300% and gaining. Not bad considering I lost 35% on my investments value over the last 3 years (as did 80% of the rest of us).

2. How To Buy Gold & Silver – There are three places to consider when buying gold and silver. First of all, I read the book “Guide to investing in Gold & Silver” which says never buy into ETF’s. Not going to get into this here, just read the book.

There are 3 companies to buy Gold and Silver from:, or

All 3 are online companies that guarantee service and offer the best rates. Goldmoney lets you store your gold in their vault for future possession which is great if I ever want to leave the country and have moneys transferred internationally. (don’t see me doing this but is an excellent & much safer option to storing it all myself)

When you buy metal from, you get the cheapest prices possible, because the metal is straight from the refinery, without the premiums added on by dealers. You can also buy from a local dealer. Which coins you purchase depends upon the amount of transaction privacy you want when it comes to the US government and IRS. Here’s an excerpt from Maloney’s book that explains the details… When you PURCHASE metals from a dealer, there are NO reporting requirements on your part, or theirs.

You can buy as much gold or silver as you want, and neither you, nor the dealer is required to report the purchase. Now the dealer must report the CASH transaction if it’s $10,000 or greater to the IRS, but not the precious metals. Most gold and silver dealers including Tulving, GoldMoney, and GoldSilver do not accept cash. They use bank wires for transactions.

When it comes to SELLING your metal the IRS requires the dealer who buys your metal to submit a 1099B report of the transaction IF you sell…

  • 25 or more 1-ounce Canadian Gold Maples, Krugerrands, or Mexican Onzas.
  • 1 or more gold bar kilos (32.15 ounces each).
  • 1 or more 100-ounce gold bars.
  • Any silver bar totaling 1,000 ounces of more
  • Any combination of 90 percent silver coins totaling $1,000 of face value or more

Dealer reporting requirements DO NOT apply to American Gold or Silver Eagles in ANY quantity, nor to any other metal types not listed above.

Where reporting DOES come into play, is when you sell your metals and experience capital gains.

Just as with stocks, bonds, or other investments, you are obligated to report your capital gains to the IRS when it comes to precious metals. If you make a capital gain, the IRS wants to know about it.

So keep all of your receipts, and records when you buy and sell your metal, and get proper tax advice from your CPA.

3. What to buy – well I kind of gave it away all ready. Non-numismatic coins are easy to buy, easy to store & easy to sell. Gold & Silver American Eagles – 90% Silver & 10% Gold.

With 90% of silver being consumed in the making of electronics, there is great need and little is left. I am new to all this but Silver American Eagles are what I am buying, as did my friend in 2008. I wish I would have had eyes to see then but will not let that hold me back and neither should you.

The people I have learned this strategy from predict that silver could go up to $900+ per ounce. I now look at every latte, dinner out, pair of shoes very differently! I calculate how many coins I could buy & choose to make a fortune instead of spend it. So do what I said in the beginning of this article and buy one coin at a time, as you can afford to forgo the Starbucks a couple times a week & buy a Silver American Eagle instead.

For $30 (buy your first silver coin) you can implement this investment strategy & start your path to gigantic wealth. It is not so much about the money as it is about the freedom and ability to help others. If you want to know more about how to buy and sell gold & silver or the additional strategies I’ve learned you can click here. I opted in to watch this video about 2 mo. ago (because I was researching all this stuff & had read “Guide to investing in gold & silver”) & the education I got from it was astounding. I have since become a member and have learned more than I ever could by buying, reading and researching on my own. Just the strategy I shared above has gained me 10% in just 2 mo.

I hope this info was helpful & I wish you and your family the best future ever.

4 Tips on Finding Gold Coins for Sale

There are a lot of ways to kill a cat as they say. Applying that line in searching potential prices of gold coins is the same story. It has not been like what it is now compared to the older methods that the past generation uses and it is a good thing. Having gold is tantamount of being wealthy. This has been the common connotation especially among the investors.

However, due to the economic instability that we are in, many of them had a hard time looking for the right price. One needs to be clever enough to find ways or methods to have some gold coins in cheaper prices even without giving too much effort. As a collector, there are ways, modernized in its sense to find gold coins in cheaper value and at the same time cheaper methods for them. Here are some:

Look for uncirculated gold coins. Gold coins are getting expensive if it has been passed from person to person from time to time. Uncirculated gold coins are much cheaper because no one had added a percentage to its original price. Transferring coins from one person to another will lead to the increase of its price because of efforts given by procurers in acquiring it. Aside from acquiring it in lower prices, you will also get high quality finds because only few have been its handler. It only means that the coins are in their most excellent state and this is of a good quality for gold coin collection.

Use the internet. The internet has been useful for us especially in our research. It is another way in finding cheap coins in such an easy-to-make and an easy access. In order to do this, you should perform keywords searches on the various types of gold coins such as the Chinese Lunar Animal coin. You should know about what makes this coin exceptional from the others. Other than researching, there are a lot of auctions that are available online. These auctions present various types of coins to choose from. In order to choose the right item, you should do comparisons with other online auctions. Then, choose the cheapest one from all the comparisons. It is also advised to purchase in bulk because it is cheaper. But since not all online auctions are really selling these coins, it is always advised to have a background check of the auction you want to apply for.

Recognize your market. Same as other markets like stocks market, you should always catch a glimpse of their price dissimilarities and when these chances are available take benefit of it. You must always be in timing. An individual should make purchases of these coins when the market is at its low selling price in order to get them at cheaper prices. Also, make some researches about the market and keep an eye on it. You are not supposedly just expecting for a cheap price on coins but you should be out and make certain that you come across the right cost for you.

Many are investing to gold coins because it can give them high profits. These are some of the ways on buying cheap coins.

Coin Collecting – When to Sell Your Coins

A coin collector will come into a process where they will want to sell their precious coin/ coin collection. There may be no reason to this, it could be because they wake up and just feel like selling their coin collection or it could be due to something personal where they have no choice in selling their collection. This is why I have written this article; to help you to learn when it is the best time to sell your coin collection if that day does come and to help you understand why people sell their coins.

Why Do People Sell Their Coins

There could be many reasons for this, an example being for the money. Many coin collectors also are coin dealers which mean they buy and sell coins to people who are interested. By selling coins they generate income which they can use to buy coins they want.

Another example of why collectors sell coins is because they don;t need the coins. Sometimes collectors are pulled by tempted when on holiday to find different coins that they really don’t need and when they return back home they sell them because they don;t need them.

A final example is they know they can make a lot of money of it. This may seem to be exactly the same as the first point but it isn’t. Some coin collectors have managed to keep coin collecting as a hobby since they were little children. These collectors managed to build up a huge collection of coins (even rare coins) and they know that by looking in the right places they can find someone who wants a particular coin or maybe even someone who is willing to pay for the whole coin collection which could cost a lot of money.

When Should You Sell Them

The first thing a coin collector will think about is “Is it really time to sell?”. The way to figure this out is to see the value of the coin now, if there really is any benefit selling them and of course do you really want to sell them.

If you still consider to sell them then one of the best places to sell your coin is at an auction. This is one of the most preferred options as you make even more money than the coin is worth because of the bidding system.

The other option is to sell to a dealer. However, don’t just stick to one dealer because you don’t want to find that your coin was worth a lot more than he bought it off you for.

Selling your coins can be one of the hardest things you will ever g through but if you do it right like mentioned in this article you can make some good money from it and you will know that your coins were more than a hobby

You Must Have a Proven Cash Generating System For Making Money on the Internet

Making money online is a two-sided coin. Yes, you CAN make loads of cash on the internet. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. However, you have to understand, especially in these turbulent economic times, that there are millions and millions of people to compete against. It seems that everyone wants to use the awesome powers of the internet to grow wealthy.

And that is actually GREAT news for you!

You see, the fact is that over 97% of all people who are trying to become real money makers online today will fail and quit within six months. That is a statistically-proven fact year after year – and this year will be no different. The reason why this is such fantastic news for you is because, right now, you are being exposed to a tested and proven cash generating system. It has worked and continues to work for thousands of people across the planet – and it is going to work for you too! You will leave your competition in the dust of your wake of success.

By using this powerful system for making money online, you will soon be able to:

o Tell you slave job boss what he can do with that nowhere J O B

o Start treating your family and loved ones to the kind of pampering that they so deserve

o Have that dream house built for yourself from the ground up – your ground!

o Travel at your whim and enrich your life with culture and humanity

o Experience all of the finer things in life that you have always been told were somehow “above” you.

But you must choose wisely. There are many bogus programs out there, all polished and shiny, but more than useless. Here are some of the characteristics of an effective cash generating system you need to look for:

o Automation has to be a large component of your system for making money on the internet. The internet allows you to reach out and make contact with thousands of people every day. There simply isn’t time to deal with all of them on a one-on-one basis. An effective revenue-generating system will take care of 99%+ of the communications for you and allow you time to concentrate on core business functions.

o The system that is right for you will have an established reputation. You will be provided with real-life proof that others are generating the money streams that you desire. And, these same people will serve as your personal coaches. They will mentor you through any difficulties that you encounter along the way.

o Your money making system should provide you with all of the learning resources and marketing tools that you will need to excel. Videos, articles, banners, mentoring, motivation, community and more should all be in place for you whenever you need them.

Making money online is going to liberate your life. It will allow you to finally become the person that you have always dreamed of being. It will open the doors of freedom to you – and your loved ones.